Oct 11

The GMGJ reports that The Gloucester County Board of Supervisors will continue to discuss funding and uses for the T.C. Walker Educational Center during its next meeting, which will be held Tuesday night beginning at 7 o’clock in the colonial courthouse. Several supervisors criticized the school division’s projected cost for readying the building for its administrative offices. The total projected cost of the project is $3.5 million, which includes sitework for the Head Start program currently being housed at T.C. Walker; an adequate facility to store buildings and grounds equipment, and other improvements.
A man charged in a fatal hit and run crash told police he had been drinking all night before the incident and had looked down at a text message before he struck something. 35 year-old Timothy Walker was charged Sunday with driving under the influence of alcohol, texting while driving and felony hit and run in connection to the death of 22-year-old Russell Neff Jr. Walker told police that he was leaving a party at a friend’s house the morning the crash occurred, and as he was driving he received a text on his phone and when he looked down to read the text he hit something with his vehicle and continued to Yorktown. Walker is being held in Newport News City Jail without bond. His next court hearing is scheduled for December.
The state is rolling out a program to provide Virginians with hands-on access to various social services called CommonHelp. The program will provide online access to residents who want to know if they are eligible for energy and medical assistance, child care services and nutrition programs. It will also give Virginians the ability to update or renew their public assistance benefits online.

Fleet Week is returning to Hampton Roads. The weeklong celebration begins Friday, with numerous events scheduled to honor those who serve in the U.S. Navy and other military branches including ship visits, sports competitions, family events and military demonstrations. On Friday, the Military Citizen of the Year will be presented to the enlisted service member whose personal and public contributions have had the most positive effect on the Hampton Roads community.
After two months of discussion and public input, Poquoson City Council on Tuesday approved an ordinance allowing the use of golf carts on city streets. The ordinance allows golf carts to be driven on city streets with a maximum speed limit of 25 mph. The only 25 mph streets where golf carts are prohibited are streets in designated school zones. The only specifically designated school zone is on Poquoson Avenue. Golf carts will not be allowed within 150 feet of any intersection with a road with a speed limit above 25 mph.
An industry-sponsored study concludes that the large-scale development of wind power off the Mid-Atlantic coast would create more than 70,000 jobs from New York to Virginia. The study released Wednesday said those jobs would be created by a new industrial base needed to manufacture, build, operate and maintain the towering wind turbines, and an additional 40,000 jobs would be needed to serve the supply chain to that industry. The job growth would be realized over a 10-year build out of the offshore industry. The study also forecasts a $19 billion increase in the combined economic impact for the Mid-Atlantic states.

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