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Medioimages/Photodisc/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Some people might want to rethink their views about marijuana being relatively harmless, a new study from medical school researchers at Northwestern and Harvard suggests.Anne Blood, a senior study co-author, said, "There is this general perspective out there that using marijuana recreationally is not a problem -- [...]
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Medioimages/Photodisc/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- It's that time of year when people adorn their homes with the flowers of the holiday season, such as Easter lilies.But while these flowers might look great on your coffee table, they can be murder on your cats -– literally.Health officials at the Federal Drug Administration warn [...]
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Jenni and David Ezell(DALLAS) -- Jenni Ezell, the mother of conjoined twins who will be released from Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas on Tuesday, said the family feels "relief, joy and elation." The Ezell twins, Owen and Emmitt, were born joined from their breastbone to their hipbones, sharing several [...]
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