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At XTRA 99.1, we offer several advertising plans tailored to fit your particular business needs:

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  • News, Weather & Metro Traffic Sponsorships
  • 13, 26 & 52 Week TAP Plans
  • Remote Broadcast
  • Redskin Football Packages
  • Daffodil Festival, Guinea Jubilee & Mathews Market Days Packages
  • Summer & Christmas Promotions

*Low Advertising Rates, * State of the art Production facilities,
*Reach over 50,000 listeners a week, *Optimum Scheduling


Danette Stout


station: 804-693-2105

mobile: 804-832-4003

I’ve lived in Virginia for 27 years, with 14 of them right here in Gloucester. I’ve spent my career in customer service working in banking, finance and running my own small business, and I have 6 successful years experience in radio sales. I’m actively involved in the community with the Kiwanis Club of Gloucester, the Gloucester Chamber of Commerce, and other civic organizations. I believe good business is all about my clients and serving their needs. I genuinely love my clients and what I do!

Pat Clemmer Collins


station: 804-693-2105

mobile: 804-384-8000


From Raleigh, NC & graduated from Meredith College in Social Work. In 1978 moved to Richmond, worked as Probation Counselor for Dept. of Corrections for 7 yrs, then started a family. Went back to work, but in a new direction, took courses at VCU in Marketing & Advertising. Worked for the Richmond Times-Dispatch for 9 yrs. in the Retail Advertising Dept. Left Richmond in 2001, moved to Williamsburg to work at The Virginia Gazette. After being in print for quite awhile, I was concerned about the changing environment in print with decreased sales & circulation. At that time I moved into radio worked at WIGO briefly, then was offered a job here at WXGM. I love working with my clients in a creative process, helping them grow their business by utilizing radio!

October 3, 2013 |